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Nigel Keay's Contemporary Viola

Aspects of composition for viola,
and other writings on contemporary music.....

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Nigel Keay: Music for Small Groups CD Review
by Paul Groh

The Viola Music of John Williams by Paul Groh
The Viola Concerto and the Duo Concertante

New Dimensions in Viola Playing
Marco Lombardi's Mihrab by Paul Groh

Space Alive With Music by Paul Groh
Garth Knox’s Viola Spaces

Romancing the Viola by Paul Groh
The Viola Music of Rudolf Haken

As Remote as the Moon by Timothy Deighton
Contemporary New Zealand viola music
celebrates the land and its cultures

Night of the Living Violists by Paul Groh
Michael Daugherty’s Viola Zombie

Elegiac Reaction by Paul Groh
The Elegy in, and out of, the Viola Literature
(Appendix: List of Elegies)

----- Events -----

Recent performances of La Cuisine à l'alto
by Sylvain Durantel (viola), Emmanuel Christien (piano) and François Castang (narrator).

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Nigel Keay is featured guest on Radio France Musique's
Tapage Nocturne
(includes new recording of Trio for Clarinet,
Viola and Piano)

*** New CD recording: Music for Small Groups by Nigel Keay ***

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Includes: Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano,
Duo for Viola and Viola, Terrestrial Mirror for flute, viola & harp
& String Quartet No.2

Nigel Keay's Viola Concerto

Scores - solo viola music and chamber music

Viola equipment

Anthony Elmsly indented shoulder violas